In the age of digital transformation, the importance of training and education cannot be overstated. Survival, adaptation, and thriving in the face of rapidly changing job markets are contingent upon acquiring new skills. The rise of self-driving cars, for instance, poses a significant threat to the trucking industry in the United States, potentially eliminating 3.5 million jobs.

Simultaneously, technologies such as XR, AI, and the Internet of Things are creating unprecedented demand for skilled workers, offering new avenues for personal and professional growth. A forthcoming educational revolution is poised to reshape the landscape.

The XR for Learning Podcast delves into the future with a focus on training and education, exploring how technologies are reshaping employment prospects. It delves into the evolving expectations of a tech-augmented job market and examines the necessary support systems for this digital transformation. Hosted by Julie Smithson and featuring insightful guests, the podcast offers rapid-fire microlearning sessions and illuminating case studies from the forefront of these transformative changes.

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